Why Partner

EnglishWorks Partnerships bridges the gap between companies and communities. We partner with companies to develop new professionals by providing technical training and English lessons to Brazilians from the surrounding community.

There is a significant gap between the jobs available and the qualifications of people available. 10 Million young people between 15 and 29 years in Brazil do not study or work. Companies cannot find skilled low-income, local youth to hire for entry-level jobs.

How It Works

1. Sponsor an EnglishWork’s program and choose a strategic location for the course. EnglishWorks creates a customized course, markets it, and brings in local youth.
2. Implement a 40 week course in English, technology and work skills. Throughout the course, identify talented people to interview with the partner company.
3. Increase visibility in the community and hire hardworking, skilled youth. Support the community and gain great new employees!

Why Partner with Us

Access to youth talents We attract a large number of young people from your target community with a possibility of working with your business. This markets your company and brings in motivated talent. Strengthing brand By investing in education, your brand will be seen as a creator of positive impact within the community. Your brand will represent the transformation of an entire generation. Trained Employees We customize the course to fit your needs. You’ll gain employees who can speak basic English, have basic computer skills, and a strong work ethic.

The public policies in Brazil have not created the opportunity for the youth to learn, so the private sector has been called upon to take a new role: as partners in creating an environment for these youth to succeed. We envision a world where all young have the opportunities to succeed in the workforce and we are grateful to be at the forefront of this movement.

Investing in education represents not only the positive differentiation of your brand, but the transformation of an entire generation.


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