The Sequoia Foundation

The Sequoia Foundation seeks to transform the reality of young people and adults through education, in partnership with public and private institutions.

The Sequoia Foundation began in 1994 as a nonprofit organization based in the United States. Since 2006, we have expanded, and prioritized our work by investing in programs like English Language Learners and EnglishWorks in Brazil to promote English learning and its use in the workplace.

Our projects are developed specifically for the population we serve. Our priority is to teach English to the most vulnerable sectors of society. We have found that these programs are able to bring opportunities to thousands of children and adults and to enable access to citizenship in the digital age.

In Brazil, we have created partnerships with public and private institutions such as the Riosolidário in the project Casa Futuro Agora, which provides job skill training. We have also partnered with the Secretary of Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro, in their project Naves do Conhecimento, to work in 11 centers and provide training and support to communities around Rio. 

We have worked in education in Brazil for over a decade. We are recognized for our innovative techniques, not only in teaching English as a second language, but also in preparing students for employment in fields where real opportunities exist. Our goal is to turn youth with few opportunities into qualified digital citizens.

Our Partners


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