The Course

EnglishWorks was developed in response to the needs of the contemporary world.

We know that knowledge of a language can open doors. Our English students need flexibility and speed - focusing on communication skills allows them to get better jobs and improve their employment opportunities.

In the past 4 years, over 10,000 students have graduated from an EnglishWorks course. Overall we have received a 90% satisfaction rate from our students.

The secret to EnglishWorks’ success? Creativity and Technology.

EnglishWorks operates with only 2 hours per week in the classroom. All other content and lessons are available online allowing students the flexibility to make their own schedules.  

Outside of the classrooms the students have access to teachers, international volunteers, and classmates using social media platforms like Facebook, Skype, and Moodle. Online they ask questions, access learning materials, and work together - independent of time or location.

EnglishWorks also has a unique worldwide community of volunteer English speakers that have conversations with each student on a weekly basis.

It has developed into a true educational community.

In EnglishWorks, English is reality: students learn what they need to learn in a dynamic and practical way, always valuing context and local culture.
I started as a cashier assistant in a supermarket chain, seeking to grow I began to study at EnglishWorks, as I am now able to speak with foreigners, I gained visibility and now I work with customers promoting the brand and could even work with foreign customers during the Olympic Games of Rio.
Cristina Souza, 36 years old
The advantage of EnglishWorks is the teachers, they help you in everything you need and also the online platform. EnglishWorks brought a lot of learning to my life.
Yago, 13 years old
Another difference that I see in this course, is that they offer a chance to interact to foreigners , which are volunteers. This is very cool because you can have a conversation, so this is very different from other courses I had the change to take.
Daniel, 32 years old
Before if I had to talk to a foreigner I would hide, because I didn’t know how to speak. Today I can speak and spoke with a lot of foreigners during the Olympic Games.
Igor, 13 years old
I was able to learn a lot of things, things that I didn’t know, I could learn here. The online content was an easier way to learn for me.
Diane, 18 years old


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