Why EnglishWorks

At EnglishWorks, we offer program participants the opportunity to learn to speak English with confidence through cultural exchange, leadership development, and classroom training. Over 10,000 students have completed the EnglishWorks program and we receive an overall 90% in satisfaction from our students.

Here are the top 3 reasons why EnglishWorks is one of the best English language learning program in Brazil.

  1. Our teachers and volunteers offer unique skill sets that help our program to thrive.

EnglishWorks is powered by over 100 passionate volunteers around the world—from retired teachers to engineering students, each individual’s unique skill set brings something powerful to the program. Not only do students benefit from the one-on-one English language conversation opportunities, but they also gain from the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of volunteers with diverse interests, cultures, and professions.

  1. We offer flexible, blended learning opportunities that give every student the chance to grow.

EnglishWorks offers a combination of in-class and online learning opportunities for two hours each week. During these classes, students have the chance to participate in hands-on activities and practice conversational English with our volunteers from around the world. Instead of focusing on lecture-style learning, we emphasize the practical application of both spoken and written English, which helps our students feel comfortable engaging with tourists, educators, and entrepreneurs who visit Brazil.

  1. We focus on providing our students with real-world skills that will help them succeed outside of the classroom.

The benefits of EnglishWorks include so much more than simply English language skills. Our unique approach to learning makes extensive use of online learning and social media tools, which helps to equip students with the technical skills they need to succeed after they complete the program. These newfound skills help prepare our students to go on to travel to new places, improve their job prospects, and even attend college or university in English-speaking countries.

Overall, we’re proud to offer such an innovative opportunity for students to learn English in Brazil. If you’re interested in learning more about EnglishWorks, our partnering with us, email us at patew@sqafoundation.org.


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About the course

About the course

O EnglishWorks é um curso de inglês focado na realidade do aluno. Com dinamismo, flexibilidade e tecnologia atingimos resultados e transformação social.