Volunteer Spotlight – Ela Lynn

Every year, EnglishWorks helps hundreds of Brazilian students improve their English language skills, ultimately helping them to grow more confident in their communication. This important work is made possible by our incredible volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to their community. Each week, we are going to be expressing our gratitude by featuring one of these extraordinary volunteers and sharing their EnglishWorks story with you!

She Lynn

Why did you decide to volunteer with EnglishWorks?

At the time, I started having Brazilian exchange students in my classes, and I wanted to learn more about Brazilian culture. While searching for ways to do this, I ran into an ad posted by Patricia from EnglishWorks, calling for volunteers. I watched one of her videos where she spoke about the goals of the program, and education in general, and I was impressed and humbled. I just knew that I had to be part of her project and help in any way I could!

What was your favorite part about volunteering with EnglishWorks?

The privilege of witnessing so many dedicated students grow and develop their English skills, along with their confidence to communicate in English. Their eagerness and determination to learn and improve are truly inspiring.

What did you do before becoming a volunteer?

I was, and still am, an instructor of English.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

That’s a pretty hard question as I’m an adventurous eater. Some uncommon dishes I’ve tried include red ant soup, Kangaroo steak, and balut (hard-boiled fertilized and incubated duck / chicken egg).

What is one fact about you that your students do not know?

I met Brendan Fraser when I was an undergraduate student-I had a part-time job as an extra and appeared in several movies and commercials as well as a TV show.

If you could trade places with one celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?
It would be the singer Lenny Kravitz. I really admire him, not only for his artistic success but most of all, for the person he is and for all the charity work he does. He is an amazing example of a humble person who has not changed because of money and fame. Besides, I would love to be able to travel around the world as much as he does (and it would definitely be funny to be a man for one day)!

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